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Marge: Who/What is A Digital Dowser
Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann: Dowsing for Health, Happiness and Harmony
John and Jan Bean: Orbs and dowsing
Bernie/Cenninah : Universal Pendulum
Bill and Johanna
MoonSinger Essentials: Dowsing, pendulums, jewelry, aromatherapy, healing, art, etc.
Miroslav Provod: Draft Test Procedure for Proving the Infallibility of the Divining Rod and for Proving the Existence of Geopathogenic Zones
Genesa: "Crystal Clear Living”
Nancy Bennett: Feng Shui Perceptions
Nancy Bennett: Q-Link
Labyrinth: Nancy Bennett
Ron Blackburn : Ten Dowsing Questions
Paul & Bonnie Bohde: Dowsing for Elementals
Harry Chambers : Clorox Test
Harry Chambers: Food Programming
Alex Champion: Labyrinth, geometric and earth symbols and more
Donna Kova Dauser : Breathe Meditation Video Tape - Exceptional Meditation Tool
Rev. DonnaKova Dauser : Star Feature - Joan of Arc
Donna Kova Dauser : Heart Warmers (Dedicated to Diana and Mother Teresa)
Donna Kova Dauser : Power Sites
DonnaKova Dauser : Touring the Village - Paranormal, etc.
Use board game tracer, tooth pick or finger to "walk your path". :Labyrinth Page
johnnyfg :Downloadable books
Marilyn Gang: The Toronto Dowsers - Great Water Project
Chris Gozdzik: Quality pendulums and divining rods from Europe - Radiesthetic Supplies
Sharron Hope: Gold Country Dowsers Home page
Stephen Johnson : Basic Dowsing Steps and Definition
John Kelly: CT Healing Arts
John Living : Detecting Landmines by Dowsing with a Pendulum
John Living : Learn to Dowse with a Pendulum
Harold McCoy: Ozark Research Institute - Power of Thought School
Susan McNeill: Boston Chapter Info plus more
Susan McNeill: Labyrinth - Two views
Teri Mister: Well Being Prayer; Three Universal Principles
Genesa Crystals
Subtle Energy Medicine
Joe Smith: What is a Dowser?
Albert Sluik:Clearing foul humors from the body with magnets
John Van Drie : Method of Clearing; Method of Spiritual Healing and Bill Finch‘s Chart
John Van Drie: Pendulum Class
Click here to Order John‘s Angel Book: Now available at Amazon-click link toward bottom of page
Orbital Calendar: GaiaLuna Time-Space Map
Conscious Pictures: Dowsing Classes


Letter to Robin: Mini course in Pendulum Dowsing
Letter to Robin: Mini course in Pendulum Dowsing
Joey Korn: Working with the Light: Dowsing, Spirituality and the Kabbalah Connection
Canadian Society of Dowsers
Dowsers Canada: Intuition Technology - Dowsing is ‘IT‘
Nature Sprite Divining Rods : Offered in a variety of colors
Electro Magnetic Shields and more: Ken Lesser
Dick Croy: Book: "Dowsing For Love"
BSD: The British Society of Dowsers
Holistic website from rural Ireland : dowsing,divining and earth energy healing - member of the Irish Society of Dowsers
Dowsers of the West
The Toronto Dowsers
Dr. Herbert Parker: Dowsing the Earth Changes & Preparing for the Millennium
Feng Shui: Feng Shui Designs
DOWSING -looking at scientific evidence: Eric Krieg
West Wales Dowsers Society
Tamar Dowsers: A Cornish Dowsing Group

Other Links of Interest

Ramtha‘s School of Enlightenment: Ancient School of Wisdom
Spiritual Cinema "What The Bleep Do We Know"
Butter vs Margarine: Butter please
Water Facts
Psych-K: Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve!
The Holistic Intuition Society: In Canada
Astrology Charts and Reports from Extonbiz
Health Benefits of Stevia: The Natural sugar substitute
Beware of High Blood Sugar
Joline Stone: Essential Oils
Ozark Research Institute: Research into Power of Thought
won hwan, Choi: Dowsing and other interests - English version about middle of page
Link to DonnaKova Dauser: Meditation; Alchemy; Auras; Star Charts
Sacred Labyrinth Walk: Illuminating the Inner Path
Caroline Myss, PhD: Energy and Healing
Power Reading :Speed Reading
NewSpiritService: A New Age Mall
Divine Revelation: A spiritual self help program.
Michael Teal: The Ancient One